Friday, February 25, 2011


This is my Father in Law. When the Korean War started he was drafted. The day he received the draft notice from the Army he went to the Air Force recruiter and joined them, figuring he'd have a better shot at advancement and training. Remember this was the 50's, and opportunities were not always the best for African Americans.

He wound up being trained as a fighter pilot and was stationed in Japan for the war. His squadron led many raids into Korea and on one mission his plane was the only one to return. For many years he really didn't talk about his time. Now though he is very very sick. We have been scanning old slides by the hundreds (lucky for us he had his camera with him while stationed in Japan and some of the pics are amazing)and he has slowly been telling stories.

His friend took this pic of him during the war standing in his flight gear next to his plane.

I used the Feb Swirlydoos kit

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kate blue said...

this caught my eye-totally stunning and I love it!!! Photo is one of a kind :)