Thursday, April 21, 2011

Art Journal for today

We are dealing with my Father in Law dying right now, and in between the numerous discussions about death I have been having with my girls I needed to make something light and happy.
I have a friend's art journal in my possession and decided that was where I would play today.

The background is made using collaged dictionary pieces, covered with a Golden Glaze. Then laid over a Crafter's Workshop Stencil a spray with Memories Mist. Removed Stencil and sprayed Glimmer Mist in yellow.
Used a plaid Stencil for the circles, cut up a doily and sprayed with Memories mist & glimmer Mist in yellow. Yellow is not a color I typically choose but it seemed to lighten my mood and so it was used.

Found a quote I like a wrote with a Pitt Pen.
Now back to real life

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