Saturday, July 30, 2011

M is for Memories

M is for true is that.
This photo was taken in 1955 of my Great Grandparents. The woman is my namesake. Now I know that to have photos of Great Grandparents is a plus but even better when they are in as good condition as the one I have. (ok it helps that a Great Uncle was a professional photographer but still)
When I did up the layout and added the title I wasn't thinking so much on what it REALLy meant-it just looked good. Then I began sharing with my family, and they all began thanking me for reminding them about the fun times that were had. They began sharing stories about memories had on the farm, remembering stories that hadn't been told in years and sharing them again.
This is why I scrapbook, why I share my photos and layouts and spend time and money. Years from now my girls will still know family, even if they never met. Their children will know the family and the stories and memories will continue to be passed on.
M truly is for Memories
layout featured in June issue of Scrapbook New and Review

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