Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Stimulus Swap

Over at Art42 there is a swap periodically called the Spring Stimulus Swap ( or Winter or Fall, just depends on the season lol)

Anyway what you do is mail off an envelope filled with scraps and images and such. In return you get an envelope from another swapper. Using the supplies in the envelope you create an ATC, Tag or card for the person who sent it to you. I love participating in this swap. It's quick. You never know what you'll get and it's fun limiting your supplies.

I received my envelope the other day from Sharon V.

Look at all the goodies in it. I didn't need to send my finished piece(s) back until the end of April but once I started I need to finish. I wound up turning out not one or 2 pieces but 4. I added 2 Rub ons, a card base and ink from my stash but that was it.

here I made a card

an ATC

and a Tag

There is one more tag but since that will be in the May issue of Scrapbook News and Review you'll have to wait to see it. :)

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