Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Traveling Art Journal

      I am lucky enough to have a group of artsy friends who I can rely on for so many things.

                 One of those things is to participate in a traveling Art Journal.
This journal has gone 2 rounds now. Each time I give it a hug and send it out at the mercy of the US Postal service. I never worry about where it's going but rather how it is getting there lol.

            It came home the other day much to my delight. Oh it is so positively awesome in it's creation. I had no theme and the art in it is a reflection of each of the wonderful ladies who worked on it.

                 I thought I would share the inside with you today, it took fun not to share.
                 I hope you are prepared for some serious eye candy, there is A LOT to see

      First is my cover, I did this up myself with lost of paint, mists, modeling paste, stencils and rub ons.
The first page in the book is a collaboration page. Everyone took time to add something. So cool!
I love the little fairy hanging out on the star. 
She makes me smile.

Hope did this awesome tree.

Deb did this one. The poppies are totally rocking!

Pam C again. Some of my favorite colors, and of course whenever I see modeling paste used it makes me happy (everyone should use modeling paste imo).

Nancy did this one. I can't even tell you how much I love the color.
Some of the ones I am totally afraid to work with but she seriously rocked them.
Now if I could only dance like the silhouette.

Deb again. Hard to tell in the photo but the texture is amazing. And I am loving the giant heart.

Pam P here. She printed out part of the photo on canvas and then painted the rest of the page to match.
Reminds me so much of the sunsets on Kiawah, my favorite place to be.

Marianne did this one.
Love my gargoyle in a box, even better are the words she put on it.

Deb here too. This one is done on a sheet of acrylic.
I think the bg is with alcohol inks .

This one is mine (yes I did a few pages before and in the middle of it's travels).
The paint is all from Creative Inspirations.

Marianne did this one too.
I love how she incorporated her page design into the machine stitching on the back of my previous page.

Pam P did this. My favorite colors and so much depth.

Deb B with a She Art girl.
I know how several of these from Deb. Could a girl get any luckier?

Mine again.
This one was featured in an issue of Scrapbook News and Review.

Deb here again. Love all the patterns here especially the upper right one.

Pam C.
Simply beautiful.

This was from Marianne as well.
And accordian page that folds up and unfolds to show the whole design.
She did the front...

and the back. 
Mind blowing in the detail.

Paula did this piece and it's beautiful. 
I have a ton of these felt pieces and never think to use them.
Perfect for this page.

Hope again.
Love the splatters of color as rain.

and last but not least..
Hope gets the final page(s).
This might be my new favorite mantra.
I even love the owl who managed to pop up on my page

Thats it.
The tour through my traveling art journal is done.
I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen as much as I have.

and to the ladies who contributed...

The fact that you took the time to create for me some beautiful art means more than I can ever say.
You are most definitely the best!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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