Saturday, November 8, 2008

over scheduling

So today my 8 year old has a soccer tournament. They win, they keep playing, they lose they go home. My 14 year old has a 3 hour tryout for a traveling softball team. And of course they all need to be driven here and there.
You hear as a parent don't overschedule your child, make sure to give some down time. What about us poor parents who have to take them every where. Soccer, Girls on the Run, Softball (2 teams) Debate team, German, and Gymnastics for the baby (can't have here feeling left out now can we)
I joke that my car seat has the permanent imprint of my behind in it. We eat more meals in my car than at home (and dh wonders why my car is such a disaster). I think for the first year of her life the baby thought she actually lived in the car.
I'd write more but it's off to the soccer fields
    maybe I'll have some time in 2010

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