Friday, April 5, 2013

Street art in Amsterdam

Art is everywhere, in museums, art galleries, you know, the expected places;
and sometimes you stumble across it in places you wouldn't think.

Case in point.
In the summer of 2011 we took the girls to Germany with a side trip to Amsterdam. 
We planned on looking at the canals, the Van Gogh museum (where we would find our art), the Anne Frank house etc.
It started out just as planned...
We saw the sights, wandered along the canals, and with my husband reading the map; inevitably got lost (it's a standard thing on our vacations lol).

What getting lost resulted in was us stumbling across one of the biggest and most wonderful displays of street art I have ever seen.
We turned the corner onto a street that was most definitely NOT where we wanted to be, yet as a whole we stopped, completely in awe by what was before us.

Both sides of the street, every single building, THERE WAS ART EVERYWHERE!

Black and white...


and profound...

   By the end of the street despite the setting sun I wanted to walk back. I was afraid I had missed something, that maybe I had imagined it.
  As a testament as to how truly lost we had been we tried to find it again the next day. Just to walk it again. No luck.

  But in the end I guess it was ok, for the moments we were there-standing in awe, we were truly surrounded by art.

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Katyoparty said...

What a cool discovery!

Cavestamper said...

At first I came to see your blog about the Gelli plate art making of your daughter but then saw this blogpost on the street art of my hometown. Glad you liked it! Next time when you come to Amsterdam, the Van Gogh museum (after 7 months)and the Rijksmuseum (after 10 years)are both open again.
And big compliments to your daughter, she made beautiful prints.
Regards, Leonie (