Friday, February 28, 2014

Round and Round it goes….

I am always checking out Paivi Eerola's blog (and follow her on twitter)

The other day she put up an interesting challenge/exercise
to get creating.
As I LOVE her work and am always looking for new inspiration
I HAD to jump on it.
(also the fact that the first one features circles and I use circles all the time
well fate ;) )

The exercise is this:
1) Pick a paper or a page of your art journal.
2) Draw freely a circle on a random area of the paper or the page.
3) Fill the circle with whatever you can think of: shapes, colors, anything.
4) Divide the paper by drawing a horizontal or vertical line.
5) Color each side of the line differently.
6) Imagine that the circle begins to leak or burst – how would you illustrate that?

This is how I interpreted the exercise.
I drew my circle and filled it in with book text.
Why? Why not?
I had some pages on my desk and if you look at what I do,
I frequently incorporate book pages into what I create.
Now add color…
First I pulled out my Gelatos and began coloring with them.
Initially I used a baby wipe to blend and then as I layered I went to my finger for blending.
Both will blend the Gelatos nicely, the baby wipe takes some color off though
so as I wanted deeper and deeper I left the wipe behind and used my finger.

Circles with Gold Gelato and a Crafters Workshop.
Then they were outlined with Liquitex Acrylic ink followed up with watered down Acrylic paint.
White watered down acrylic paint was also splashed on in spots.
My center circle.
Also colored with Gelatos plus some ink was rubbed through a number stencil.
There is a little bit of writing using more acrylic ink and my pen nib.
Round and round it goes, where it stops no one knows
I hadn't planned on writing but as life takes over and I feel like I am always 
running in circles, where just as I think something resolves it fires up again.
I had to write it down.

There is also some Dylusions mist through a Stencil Girl stencil.
More circles on my page.
Most are fading into the background, being painted, stamped and painted over some more.
My main circle…
It's me right now.
Round and round it goes.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day>

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Päivi Eerola said...

Christy, I love this! Thanks so much for taking the challenge!! See the comment at the Flickr group that I wrote to you: