Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sharing a Mixed Media Background Tutorial Today

Ever feel like your "mojo" has left the room?
You want to create but can settle on what to do or how to do it.

Many time when my "mojo" seems to have left,
I find that just by messing around I can help it come back.

Lots of times I wind up creating backgrounds to be used at a later date.
Just by pulling supplies out and creating without rhyme or reason and soon there is no block.

Today I'm sharing a quick background tutorial that you can use for a variety
of projects.
Keep it large and it's a scrapbook page
cut it down and you have a card, Art journal or ATC background.

I start out by covering a 12 x 12 piece of old card stock with torn book text.
Add a thin layer of Gesso to tone it down and provide a unified starting point..
If the Gesso is too thick, spritz with water and wipe some off with a paper towel.
Take some acrylic paint and squirt it onto the page.
(technical isn't it? lol)

Spread the paint with a paint brush or old credit card.

Take a paper towel and lay it flat onto the paint while it's still wet.

Blot the paper and remove the towel lifting some of the paint.

Mist with your choice of spray.
(here I used Concrete Shimmeringz by Shimmerz Paints)
Mist enough that you get drips down the page.

Taking a background stamp color with a Faber Castell Big Brush Artist Pen 
(you can use ink instead but I really love these markers for stamping)

Randomly stamp across the paper.
I wound up using 2 colors for added interest.

I then took a NeoColor II crayon and scribbled onto my craft sheet.

Added water and created a paint...

Randomly brushed it across the page.

A Script stamp and Solvent ink.
Randomly stamping.

Some Shimmerz Paint brushed randomly.
Just to add some sparkle and shine to the paper.

Here is the finished background.
Ready to be used in my next project.

Book text
Adhesive (I use Gel Medium)
Acrylic Paint
Paper Towel
Mist of your choice
Faber Castel Big Brush ARtist Pens (2 colors)
NeoColor II crayon
Solvent Ink
Shimmer/ Metallic paint

I hope this inspires you to try creating something when you can't decide what.
Lots of times doing the random creating without an ultimate goal can give the
kickstart that you need.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


1CardCreator said...

That was an awesome tutorial, thank you so much, love your finished page too. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog also. ~Diane

Candy C said...

Hi Christy....Your mixed media page is very cool. I love the text underlay that you've lightly covered with gesso. The colors you added through painting, stamping, adding Neocolors and brushing on the Shimmerz really created some very cool effects! I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. It's much appreciated! <3 Candy