Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Altered File Folder Tutorial using a Gauche Alchemy kit

I love taking everyday things
and ARTING them up.
Picture frames, notebooks, bags etc, things I use
in my everyday life and adding my spin on them.

Today I'm showing some altered folders from my file folder drawer.

I started with plain manila folders you can buy in bulk
and a mixed media kit from
turned them into one of a kind pieces that make me happy
when I pull the drawer open.
I use the
Hot for Teacher kit for these folders.
I don't think it's available anymore but there are still some fantastic kits
on their site and you can create your folders
exactly how you want.

I began with my blank folder, took some crumpled up 
sewing pattern paper and Gel Medium
Using the Gel Medium covered the outside of my folder

Trim the edges even

Take some scrap pattern paper and ink it up

Adhere it to the inside part where the tab is.

Trim up any edges and add more ink if you want

Add a small label if desired

Tear some book text and ink the edges 
(I use solvent ink for this as I will be adding wet mediums later)
adhere it to the folder

Tear and ink more pattern paper and add it

and a third piece.
Layer as you go

I added a sticker from the kit

More book text torn & inked in the upper right

another sticker...

This sheet was in the kit.
I think it's from an old yearbook but I just love the faces

Tear out an image and ink the edges.

Tuck in some tickets,
add some Rub Ons
I also added a ripped piece of paper from a grade book down
the left

I added some star stamps again using Solvent ink.

More stamping over the pattern paper, collage images

Pull out Gesso and a brush
Dry brush the gesso over the folder.
Apply a very thin layer, cover all the paper, images etc with paint.
Adding the Gesso will pull it all together.
Once it's dry you can rub ink over the folder as well to catch the peaks
of the sewing pattern.

That's it.
Now you have a customized folder made just exactly how you want it.
The great thing about these are they take scraps
so not only are you creating art you are stash busting as well.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Marjie Kemper said...

These are fabulous! So on my 'to do' list. I am starting a new pinterest board with this idea.. thanks for sharing!