Monday, October 15, 2012

Watercoloring with Pigment Inks

    A little while ago I received several of the Pigment ink cubes from Tsukinenko and was given the task of creating several pieces of art with them for the magazine Scrapbook News and Review.
I wanted to go above and beyond just stamping with them and came up with this.
Using the inks as watercolor paints on a canvas sheet.

  First I cut a piece of canvas down to 12x12 inches and taking Solvent ink and my large stamp;
  I stamped three large flowers in the upper left corner and bottom right. I used the solvent ink because I would be adding water and needed a base that wasn't going to run.
  I began adding color using a Fantastix coloring tool. Dipping it into water and touching it to my ink pad. By regulating how much water I added I could vary the color and shade.
  Continuing on to color all my flowers...
  Then adding highlights with a brighter color, and filling in my center with yellow. All using the fantastix tool and water to turn my Pigment inks into a sort of faux watercolor. I dragged some color past the edges of my stamped image to create more of the painted look.
  The leaves were colored in the same way.
   I added some textured Goosebumps mist to my centers for some sparkle.
  This is the finished layout. I used more watered down ink to create a frame around my photo. The stencil is from Crafter's Workshop and I just used a Sharpie to trace it.
Machine stitching around the border to make sure my edges don't fray and to attach a touch of lace.
  I love how this came out. It looks like I spent hours painting when in fact it came together really quick. By adding just a touch of water to the inks you can create some really cool watercolored looks.

This layout and tutorial was featured in  Scrapbook News and Review.

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