Friday, March 7, 2014

"Ghosting" with Lindy's Stamp Gang mists

                                    It's miserably cold rainy day here in North Carolina
                                         and so I was doing some housekeeping deeds.
                             One of which was hanging some layouts in my daughter's room.
As I did I realized maybe I could come back and do a quick tutorial on how I created the backgrounds    
                                        using a variety of Lindy's Stamp Gang mists.

                                            Now I used blues greens & purples on my layouts
                                       but I pulled out some of my newer colors for the tutorial.

A while back I saw a tutorial on how to do a "ghosting technique"
with Dylusions mists and how the technique
I like Dylusions but love Lindy's
 so I started wondering if maybe I could do the same thing with them.

What you need…
5-6 Lindy's mists
 ( I used Cathedral Pines Green, Winter Jasmine Gold, Poinsettia Red Gold, Frosted Purple Iris, Hagworts Orange, & Screamin Banshee Black)
Watercolor paper
Mister bottle filled with water
Heat gun
Paper towels
I used watercolor paper only because I knew I was going to mist the daylights out of the paper and didn't want it to warp as much. 
You could use card stock but be prepared…it will warp.

Mist the first color heavily so it pools and drips.
Dry completely with your heat gun.
(this prevents the colors from getting all muddy)

Add your second color dripping and pooling again.
Dry it completely

Continue to add layers of colors until the paper is covered.

I added some black near the end for a contrast to the bright colors.
(trust me they are bright 
but when you have torrential rain and haven't seen sun in 3 days
 they don't photograph as well)

Now that everything is dry it's time to get the "ghost effect" going.

Lay your first stencil onto the paper and mist with water.
Count to 5, lift up the stencil and count to 15.
Blot with a paper towel.
The water reactivates the mist and when you blot it you lift some up
leaving a lighter image, as if stamping with bleach.

Dry the paper and place another stencil down, mist, count, blot, dry.
You can do this over and over
until you are happy with the background you created.

In this picture you can see how the stencils are showing up on the background.
Again in real life it looks better, 
Mother Nature is not cooperating with my photo taking needs,
maybe  the sun will shine tomorrow????????

One more layout to share.
The background makes it so little embellishing is needed after.
Some chipboard letters and machine stitching and 

                            If you try this make sure to send me a link…I'd love to see what you do.

                                              Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Love the colors! I am "mist challenged" so I'm always appreciative of a good step by step. Thanks!

TLC said...

Nice job! I've never used the sprays before but love what people do with them.

KarenB said...

Fabulous tutorial. If it works with those two brands, maybe it works with all kinds? I don't have many mists but I devour tutorials like this to try new things. Love the effect you achieved.