Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scrapping in different sizes

Mostly I scrap in a 12x12 format.
I like the size, there is plenty of space to work and it fits neatly into my albums.

That being said everyone once in a while I like to try a different size; my favorite being a 6x12" page.
Room to work but the different size really gives you pause. 
I don't do many but slowly I am filling up an album of just this sized layouts.

Both of these pages have been featured in Scrapbook News and Review.

On Spread Your Wings I used Prima paper and Washi tape.
The page size really lets me showcase the happy look on my daughter's face without needing to add a lot of extras.
On Smile I used a bunch of scraps, again the size lets you use up even the smallest bits of paper.
The girls were so goofy this day, we were down in Disney World for a soccer tournament.
Florida should be warm...right?

It was 29 degrees on the first day.

Next time you are trying to jump start your mojo why not try scrapping a 6x12 format, you may get hooked.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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