Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pan Pastel Play

                           Tags are an easy way to get a feel for a new product. 
 They're big enough that you aren't constrained by working on a small space yet small enough that they don't take a lot of product or time.


    I used one of the hottest products in the crafting market right now on this tag: Pan Pastel. They're easy and fun to use, they blend seamlessly, can be layered and used with a variety of mediums and best of all, mistakes can be quickly erased.

To learn even more techniques, check out my Pan Pastels for Scrapbooking class. 

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a fun tag using several Pan Pastel techniques as well as a bit of stamping.


Pan Pastels in: Ultramarine Blue Tint, Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue Shade, Pthalo Blue Shade, and Diarylide Yellow Shade
Watermark Ink
Sequin waste
Pan Pastel applicators or Foam makeup sponges
Assortment of stamps
Black Archival ink


Step One: Place your tag on your work surface and with a sponge applicator, cover the entire tag with Ultramarine Blue Tint. Apply it to the tag in small circular motions. Using the same sponge apply Turquoise Pan Pastel over, but not completely covering the first layer. Again use small circular motions to blend the colors.


Step Two: Take the Pthalo Blue Shade and using small circular motions, apply it in random spots on the tag for highlights.



Step Three: Place the sequin waste onto your tag and using Ultramarine Blue Shade, apply it randomly with your sponge across the tag. Lift and move the sequin waste around the tag and apply more of the Pan Pastel until you're happy with your coverage.



Step Four: Place the stencil onto your tag and with a small dabber sponge and watermark ink, apply the ink through the stencil across the tag. Lift and move the stencil as needed reapplying the ink until you are happy.


Step Five: Lightly apply Ultramarine Blue Shade Pan Pastel across the watermark ink and the Pan Pastel will stick to the watermark ink.


Step Six: Use the sponge to apply Dairylide Yellow Shade randomly across the tag, blending lightly as you go.

Step Seven: Stamp across the tag with Archival ink.

As a finishing step, I lightly distressed the edges of the tag and applied Pthalo Blue Shade. I usually use ink for this step but the Pan Pastels look great, too.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tag tutorial. 

Remember if you want to learn even more ways to use Pan Pastels on your scrapbook pages make sure to head on over to The Art Studio and check out my 

  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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