Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Documented Life….Week 17

Good grief we are already 
17 weeks into the year.
My how time flies.

And speaking of time;
it's time for another 
April 19, 2014 - Week 17 Challenge - Photograph or draw your favorite shoes.
For me Flip Flops are ALWAYS my shoe of choice.
and so this is what I created.
If you keep scrolling you'll even get a photo step by step
on how I created the page.

To begin I printed out a photo onto regular printer paper,
of our Flip Flops lined up at the beach.
I ripped the top & bottom and glued it to a sheet of paper I had had on my desk
to clean stamps, catch excess paint etc.
Added a few torn strips of Washii and masking tape.
Now to start adding color.
First I dry brushed Silks Acrylic Glaze
in Honey Amber.

Then added some Art Anthology
Stone Effects Dimensional Medium with a palette knife.
Love that it gives the look of a sandy beach.

Gelato was scribbled on in spots 
and then blended with my finger.

Little bit of Black Gelato in the upper corner and bottom.
Again smudged with my finger to give a bit of a shadow.

Some random stamping along the edges
with an acrylic stamp and Archival ink.

The bubble wrap was on my desk so why not use it.
Just painted some Golden Fluid Acrylic onto it and randomly stamped.

Here is a closeup of the shoes and dimensional medium.
I outlined my pair with a white gel pen just because.

Finally I added the words by
stamping on tissue paper with Archival ink.
Using Gel Medium I attached the words to the page.
The Gel medium with tissue paper makes the paper virtually disappear
and makes stamping on rough surfaces way easier.

So that's it.
My week 17 page.

Make sure you stop by the Flickr & Facebook pages to see all
the cool translations of this week's challenge.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Janet Joehlin said...

Love this! Thanks for the step by step...its always interesting to see the process!

hula-la said...

Now that's just plain fun! Thanks for sharing! Aloha

Deanna said...

Wonderful page! Love it!

Victoria said...

Great tutorial! Aren't you loving DLP?