Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A few more layouts from Italy....

As I am sitting here desperately wishing for Spring to actually arrive I thought I would share some more layouts from our Italy trip this past summer.
It was hot hot hot while we were there and I am missing that.
I'd like to be able to not wear 12 layers just to leave the house (ok yes I know, I'm in NC which means really it's not that cold compared to some of you. But I'm a warm weather girl, I like it in the 80's at the very least)

All of these layouts appeared in past issues of Scrapbook News and Review.

The first is of the oldest (it was technically HER trip afterall) looking out over Rome our very first night in the city.
Standing still in the warm breeze you could just feel the history oozing around you.
The layout was created on a piece of HOTP craft card stock and embellished with mist, acrylic paint, some vintage lace and book text.

The next one is the 3 of them in Venice, Italy. Every corner you turned was a photo op waiting to happen. Here we stopped on one of the many bridges that cross the canals. Everyone had to stop and immediately get the picture.

The last layout has us back in Rome standing outside the Colosseum.
I created the layout using a single sheet of white card stock and a technique from my Resists class over at The Art Studio.

One of the best things about being a parent is the ability that we have to take them all over the world. Rejoicing in our differences and yet still how much alike we all really are.
There is nothing like exploring new places, whether it be in your backyard, or 10,000 miles away to get new perspectives on life.

And while I am at it I just want to let you know about an upcoming blog hop I will be part of.
I hope that you will take some time to stop by and visit for a few.

  Thanks for stopping by today and have a great day!

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