Monday, December 29, 2014

A little peek into my space...

Morning everyone!
I hope that Holidays were wonderful for all
sand that you are all getting back into the creative swing.

There is an extra week this month so some of us at
Craft Hoarders Anonymous
are sharing peeks into our creating spaces.
(Don't worry---new challenge will be posting soon and it's an awesome one!)

I went back and forth with sharing photos.
When you browse the web it seems full of all these pretty, neat as a pin,
well organized, not a piece out of place spaces.
I'm not knocking those, in fact I am a wee bit envious, the rest of my house is neat as a pin
but my creating space is, well as my kids often say...a disaster. 
This is a photo of my main work space. 
I create in chaos and revel in it. 
I have a 2 large windows which let in the sun for the majority of the day.
See...piles of inks, mists, stamps, epherma, and more.

I tend to have several projects going on at once.
I also usually have a page or 2 open in my art journal.
Using the pages to clean of my stamps and use extra paint, this way I always have backgrounds ready to go.

One thing I am proud of though is one of my embellishments holders
I made.
Sure you can spend lots of $$$ but mine was created after a trip to Walmart.
What is it in it's other life?
A rotating shoe holder!
Perfect to spin around looking for just the right bit.

I also have a large closet in my room which is a bit more organized.
Shelves full of paper, and fabric just waiting to be played with.

A spice rack has been turned into a holder for more mists, inks and paints.

That's it for the look into my space.
Make sure to visit the others who are sharing spaces this week.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.


Becca Cruger said...

Finally a real-looking craft room! I hate those pictures where it shows these tidy, unused rooms. Like anyone really creates that way - haha! :)

Unknown said...

I like messy desks, I think they're perfectly normal with lots of hidden crafty bits to be discovered... but I'm biased, mines whirlwind of chaos!! I think it's how we crafters generally roll ;) xx

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love the fact that your life and your art are both totally honest. The shoe rack is a brilliant idea!
Thanks for giving us this peek into your creative space!

Unknown said...

I was quite amazed at your craft area. I also like to have a fair amount at hand when I'm working. I love your space. Thank you for sharing it. Blessings Carole

Heather said...

Love your honesty. That's how my room always looked until we moved and I haven't had a chance to mess up the new one yet. I have the same spice rack, but use mine to house my huge collection of ribbon spools. Actually have 3 of them and they're well put to use.

Garden Girl Digs in Dirt said...

Love the chaos. Looks just like my craft room. I am always trying to organize and make it neater. Sometimes it looks much better but always gets to be a pile of things everywhere soon after. Thanks for making me feel better.

Paula Calvanico said...

Christy, I just love your embellies rack! I have one in my closet for my shoes, now I must get another for my scrappy stuff. Love your space, and I see your beautiful tag for the rr :)


Neva Cole said...

Yes Christy, love your honesty about sharing your REAL craft space. Mine is very similar with piles of stuff and barely any room to actually work :)Neva

Gloria Stengel said...

I love your space. My space is NOT pretty or fun nor does it reflect my style. But it functions, I can find my stuff most of the time. And at least I HAVE my own space! Thanks for the share. I love your messy desk and all visual stimulation!

sarascloset said...

Christy, Your craft room reflects a creative mind, and I love it! If we are not creating, we are purging or organizing, right? So, I'd take creating any day! I'm envious of that HUGE closet!

Unknown said...

Nice to know others get as messy as me when creating! Every other day I say I am going to stop and clean up the chaos....and I start but then I get inspired by some scrap I find in the mess and....well, so much for cleaning up, I am back to creating!