Thursday, May 29, 2014

Journey Through the Past...

I was browsing YouTube the other day just watching
mixed videos. 
Hopping from one to the next when I stumbled on to an oldie but goodie
by Tim Holtz
A 3 x3 album made with 1 sheet of paper, yes you read that right…1 sheet of paper.

I have made these 3 x 3 albums before but never with the addition of the pockets.
A new twist on an old favorite and I had to play.

I used a piece of 7 Gypsies map paper from my stash.
I felt the old time vintage look of it would go perfect with the theme.
Pulled out some collage sheets with vintage images and went to work.

The initial album goes together really quick.
A few folds, some cuts and add some tape to hold the edges...
a 3x3 album.
The fun part became the adding of images and embellishments.

Lots of collage images...

Little bit of stamping...

Pulling out Rub Ons that have sat in my stash forever...

Metal doodads...

Foreign stamps...

and remember I said it had pockets.
Well those pockets need something to go in them, 
so I made 3 tags to go along with the vintage theme.

These albums are so much fun to create.
Off to think of another theme.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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