Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sharing some mixed media pieces today….

Today I'm sharing some pieces I did up.

I needed to work on a card for a friend and wound up
working on a canvas at the same time
to send off to another friend.
The first piece is a 5x7 Mixed Media Canvas.

I'm still inspired by Stephanie Ackerman's class last week
so you'll see her style definitely influencing me today.
Layers and layers of paper, acrylic paint and stamping 
helped create it.
Onto to the card which started the whole play day.
On a 4x9.5" base I layered papers as I had on the canvas piece.
Adding acrylic paint and tissue paper layers...

Before cutting houses out of old book text and lining them up across the card.
More acrylic paint to color them.
The heart was cut from a scrap of painted paper.

The words come from a Tim Holtz sticker book
(love creating sentences with them).
Some stamping and Washii tape helped finish 
up the card.

Off to pop everything into the mail and send them on their way.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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Jo said...

These are fabulous!